Companies spend a great deal of time training employees on procedure adherance (operations within-control) and on emergency response operations. Through on the job training, employees glean for themselves the experience required to take action on departures from the norm which they routinely encounter (common cause variation). However, we do precious little to train personnel in the critical thinking skills necessary to systematically analyze upsets which they may NOT have seen before (special cause). Improper analysis or correction during this variation is when major costs are incurred, poor quality is generated, and downtime results.
I have been championing Systematic Problem Solving for over 20 years and have instructed over one thousand “graduates.” I have led over 50 “interventions” where I utilize managerial analytics and nominal group techniques to resolve particularly difficult issues, troubleshoot previously developed plans, or reach consensus on complex decisions. My varied background and my experience working with all levels of the organization uniquely position me to bring contributory insights to the most obstinate and difficult situations. Intervention services typically consist of meeting in advance with the client for 4-8 hours to define and layout the best approach, followed by the session(s) themselves.

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