Today’s work environment is fast paced and ever changing. Demands on individuals, whether in manufacturing, marketing, technology or services, are also increasing at record rates. What is the common denominator for all of us employees? The one thing we all have in common, we are all responsible for achieving results.

Results do not happen by accident, results are the successful output when we take action. While nothing can assure us of always hitting our results “bulls eye” 100% of the time, we can increase the likelihood that the action we take can achieve the results we want.

How can we do this? Through the use of a process called “Systematic Problem Solving.” The name sounds rather intimidating, but it is really nothing more than asking a series of questions to solicit the best information available before taking action. Having the best information at our fingertips and then analyzing that information in a logical and systematic fashion, will give us confidence that we will achieve our desired result.

No organization can reach its full potential without constantly improving and unleashing the power of its people. While there is no substitute for experience and expertise, a more structured and rigorous approach to analyzing information, such as “Systematic Problem Solving,” can improve everyone's performance.

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